How can we improve Clare County’s understanding of the Honor Flights?

July 3, 2014

Dear Editor,

Can you explain to me why there may have been as few as 6 people in Clare County who were aware of our recent Mid-Michigan HONOR Flight? Perhaps that is a dumb question, but I ask that when we flew into Grand Rapids at about 10:00 pm Tuesday night to be greeted by perhaps 300, maybe more, people of all ages waiting in the hanger for us to arrive from Washington D.C….I was not surprised when we were greeted at Dulles Airport by 300 or so people of all ages and sex and color.

They have been receiving HONOR Flights daily for the past 10 years. This was the first Mid-Michigan Honor Flight in history. It was intended for all WW2 Veterans; I know not how many applied for that HONOR, nor how they were selected. I do know that there were not more than TWO Veterans from Clare County. Was nobody aware of the opportunity? We did have 2 Clare County Guardians who accompanied us. I understand there were 80 Veterans invited; 75 flew with us, 5 were too ill to fly.

We had approximately 170 people aboard that 737-800, all from Mid-Michigan, only 4 from Clare County. Why is that balance so lop-sided, and what caused it to be so lop-sided?

I thoroughly enjoyed that experience, possibly more than anyone else on board. We saw an article in the Big Rapids local paper this AM during breakfast. What can be done to improve Clare County’s understanding of HONOR Flights in Mid-Michigan?

Dan Abbott

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