How dare you criticize

December 20, 2013

Dear Editor:

Sometimes it’s a good thing the Review doesn’t publish the names of letter writers because when I read “Response to the Poor and Waiting,” I was ready to get in that writer’s face and say, “HOW DARE YOU?”

How dare you write that the person in charge of Clare County’s food truck program “puts little effort into the program”?  It’s obvious you don’t know how much hard work everyone on the volunteer committee does to raise funds for a truckload of food each month, find a suitable distribution location and then find volunteers who generously give of their time to get the food to those who need it. 

How dare you write to the Review with your entitlement mentality and defame and belittle those wonderful volunteers who run the program.  I know because I’ve worked with and beside them.  Instead of driving to Mt. Pleasant to play bingo and drink hot chocolate, you should stay here and help those who are working so hard to feed the hungry in Clare County.

I hope Santa brings you a lump of coal for Christmas. With your attitude, that’s all you deserve.

Marty Johnson

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