“How Would You Feel?”, “What Happened to the Golden Rule?”

February 9, 2012

 What does ajudgmental society, irresponsible school staff, and bullying all have in common? These are three main factors that push teenagers to their limits.

 In the United States alone, on a regular school day, three out often students are involved in a bullying incident. Either as the one causing it, witnessing it, or being the victim of the bully.

 From as young as grade school, kids are worried about being socially accepted. The trend is becoming: Be the bully, or you will be the one bullied.

 As a teen, I’m exposed to all kinds of drama, online, at school, and even through text messages. Like most teenage girls I have been both the victim and the bully.

 When someone insults you online, or at school it’s hard not to fight back. When someone hurts your feelings, how can you try not and make them sorry? I used to struggle with this question everyday that was until January 23rd, 2012.

 I used to be a sophomore at Clare High School, but not anymore. The reason for my decision was because I was one of two students who were a victim of bullying; a person who was pushed too far, to the point of breaking. I couldn’t take it anymore.

 I consider myself a lucky one, but not everyone is as lucky as I am. My best friend was another victim of bullying and harassment. She tried taking her life on January 23rd of this year.

 Sure she survived, but that’s not the point. The point is kids and teens are being bullied at Clare Public Schools to the point of being injured and having to seek medical attention. By the time the victim has reached their breaking point, they just want to drop out and start an education somewhere new. Some student’s don’t even finish their education because they fear this will happen to them again in a new school. What is the point in asking for help, when nothing is being done?

 Because of students at Clare High School, and the staff; I no longer have a best friend, I no longer have someone to sit with at lunch, or talk to. I no longer have someone to share my jokes with, or make me feel better.

 I find today, that more and more high school students are willing to take their own lives because the school isn’t willing to help the victim in need. The school just pushes the ones who need help aside and favors the one who is causing the victim so much pain and anguish.

 Suicide is a dramatic word that can change the way people view things in life. It is a thought that brings a teen to the point of breaking. It is an event where a young one feels desperation and pain, just before pulling the trigger, or jumping off the bride.

 Many of those who have thought about suicide, or have committed suicide have done so because their life has changed, and many are having difficulty adjusting to it. It is a time where everything seems to go wrong, and a person starts to feel empty inside. It is a mystery that could happen to anyone.

 The only thing a person can do, when there are signs of suicide is to prevent it from happening, but why is it that people turn over to suicide and bullying, and how can a person prevent it from happening?

 If you are having problems in school, and you are constantly going to teachers and other staff members about it, and they refuse to help you, please don’t wait till it’s too late. Talk to your parents they know what’s best for you. While bullying doesn’t cause suicide, a stressful environment and persistent, emotional victimization can increase a person’s risk of suicide. Together, we can create awareness about the dangers of bullying and give emotional support to those who may be contemplating suicide. If you or someone you know is in an emotional distress or suicidal crisis, please call the Lifeline at 1TALK (8255).

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One Response to “How Would You Feel?”, “What Happened to the Golden Rule?”

  1. Arielah

    February 9, 2012 at 10:43 pm

    I want to thank you for writing this here. There are too many of these kind of incidents happening all over. As an adult, I experienced it as a child in a christian school. It was not fun then and I know it can’t be fun now. I thank you for having the courage to speak out your pain. The loss of your best friend is trumatic to say the least. I believe because you spoke out you will save at least one of your peers because you have placed the hotline number in here for all to see. Believe me, I am one of those that tried suicide myself many times due to believing that no one cared about me. Keep on Keeping on! I am praying for you. Keep your chin up and I pray you will meet a new friend at the school that you are attending now. God bless you!