Hunters should back up opinions with facts

Dear Editor:

It was apparent from reading your recent story (“Hunters up in arms over proposed buck limits”) that most of the attendees at the June 27 meeting at Clare Middle School strongly dislike the idea of antler point restrictions. However, instead of countering the statistics presented by those in favor of the plan, the opposition—at least those quoted in the article–waved the presenters’ facts away as “lies” or “tainted data” but did not refute them. There’s an old saying that figures lie and liars figure; but there is another expression that says your opinion may be interesting, but it is irrelevant unless backed up by facts.

Maybe the most important figure in the article is the one that said that only about 90 people turned out to debate a change that will greatly affect the northern Michigan economy (at least in the short term) and the odds of a hunter being able to put venison in the freezer (in the long term). Does the low number mean hunters support the changes or don’t care about them? Or does it mean that few people knew about the meeting? I have my opinion, but then while it may be interesting, it’s also irrelevant.

Marty Johnson
7271 Springwood Lake Rd. Harrison , MI 48625

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