Hurricane Sandy relief

November 15, 2012

Dear Editor:

     Our hearts were heavy as we heard the continuing news of the Americans that were still homeless as a result of Hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast states.  We couldn’t imagine trying to provide for your family when all was lost and being faced with limited resources to assist so many.  Joshua’s House and is an organization that cares for homeless women expecting a baby, but to close our eyes to the great need just because the majority of folks affected by this storm didn’t fall into that category didn’t set right in our hearts. 

    With a unanimous decision from our Administrative Board we began to get the word out that we were gathering items to fill a truck to send basic needs to help the victims and their families cope at this difficult time.  J.T. Bakers allowed us the use of their delivery truck to load at The Red Door Thrift Store, (a subordinate member of Joshua’s House Maternity Home), and then transport the donations to West Branch where a semi-truck was waiting at the Ogema Hills Free Methodist Church.  We helped to fill the semi-truck on Wednesday November 7, 2012, that then departed Michigan on Friday and arrived at a temporary homeless shelter set up by local authorities, on Sunday, November 11th.  What a blessing it was to those stranded victims who were in desperate need of winter clothing and warmer items due to the snow storm that had arrived on the previous Thursday, November 8th.

     We are so very proud of our community that continues to give and give to those that are less fortunate, we truly believe that we are living amongst the most generous and kindest folks in the world!! 

    Through the outpouring of love shown for this event, we were able to donate some funds towards assisting the driver to pay for the gas to make the long journey to New York.  This time of year is always a reminder of how we are to be thankful for what the Lord has given to us and how He has supplied all of our needs, however this year we add that we are thankful and honored to be a part of this awesome community of loving people!


Renee’ Jeffords

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