I am president

November 21, 2012

Dear Editor,

Voting day, Tuesday November 6, 2012, I found myself in a quandary so to speak. Voting upon the important issues, I made my choices. Particularly concerning the local candidates. My picks for State, Federal Representatives and Senators, although concerning the presidency. You may think I am crazy, I voted for myself, writing my name at the top of the ballot, sweet,  “ Mr. Richard Bancroft President of the United States of America” with the date and time I elected myself. Yes reminiscent of the electoral college. I never attended, Whatsa Matta U University. Then I went to the Stix Bar and Grill where I celebrated my own victory. And met Kathy and bought my friend Sherry a drink. Half off today, a welcome surprise.

Yes I am President of the United States of America, because anyone can be. Yes I won, by the landslide of one vote, that clinches it. Neither Democrat or Republican, I am for the people. “What for may you ask?” “I don’t know I’ll think of something everyone will like, and all will be happy. Especially Nancy Reagan.” Well Nancy? I did vote for myself in nineteen eighty. I won then too that’s right! Yes I am your president the drinks are on me. Now now I must be humble. Yes what can I do for you today? I am at your service. No taxes on drinks and food you say “O.K.” done that was easy. I’m giving all of my salary to charity and she’s such a looker! Yes she is and Nancy wears a pretty pink sweater, yes she does.

“Yes I am your President, a man for all seasons, and for all of any reasons yes I am. Dually elected Mr. O Bomb Ya has nothing on me. Did I say that right? No, oh well lets get bombed, I humbly carry on. And whom is it that other guy Mrs. President? Just some wanna be and cannot be. Dear lady yes and all is well with the world, Amen.

Yours Truly
Mr. Richard Bancroft

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