If the IRS calls to threaten you … it’s a scam!

August 22, 2014

Dear Editor,

Recently I receive a phone call. A man gave my name and address and then asked if I knew that a warrant was out for my arrest. I thought it was someone trying to be funny. And ask who he was. He said he was Peter Simon from Washington D.C. and worked for the IRS and my taxes were being audited for the last 7 years and I owed the IRS $2,913. I told him that a CPA does my taxes and I would give him the CPA’s phone number and he could call him.

He then told me that I was the criminal not the CPA and I needed to do as he told me or I would go to jail and that the local police would be out to arrest me in 10 minutes. He then proceeded to tell me to go to Glen’s Market and get 6 prepaid Green Dock Money Pack vouchers 5 for $500 each and the remainder on the 6th voucher. Then he said “What do you want to do? Pay the money or go to jail?” I told him I wasn’t paying anything unless I saw the papers that proved I owed the money. He then threatened me and said you will pay this in 2 hours or you will be in jail, by this time I started seeing the red flags popping up.

So I asked him his name and had him spell it. He did this then I asked him to give me his phone number which was 202-241-7505 (which is a Washington D.C. number). I wrote everything down he had said to me and told him I would check into it. As I was starting to hang up I heard him yell over the phone “call my number as soon as you get those vouchers.”

I took the paper with the info on it and drove to the Clare County Sheriff’s office. They read it and told me THIS IS A SCAM. To start with the IRS is not in Washington D.C. , also the IRS does not call you on the phone, they would send you a letter. They gave me the phone number of the Federal Trade Commission (1-877-382-4357). I called them and talked to a lady, she wanted to know what my complaint was about. I told her everything then she asked my name, address, phone number and age. She then gave me a reference number that was put on file of my complaint. She told me not to answer that number on my phone if it showed up on my caller ID and the FIC would take care of it and I was to do nothing more.

This a.m. August 12, 2014 I turned on my TV on to C-SPAN-2 and the Senate Committee On Aging were discussing this same Scam and what can be done to help senior citizens so they won’t be taken in by these scams. A lady was there from the Federal Trade Commission and she said that there have been 9 million scams yearly and is probably more than that, that don’t get called in. One Senator said he is trying to get phone companies to come up with a device that would show on their phones of these scams so they won’t answer them.

As of now, there is nothing in the works to do this. I am writing this to warn senior citizens about these scams, some of the scams they mentioned will show up on your phone as ALERT – Lottery – Family member is in jail and needs help or Family is in the hospital and needs money. The Federal Trade Commission lady said these scammers check to see if you have an excellent credit report.

Lillian Leposky


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