In defense of Wilson and McClellan

September 6, 2012

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the individual who has berated Sheriff Wilson and Ret. Detective Mark McClellan the past two weeks in this paper.  I have known both of these men for a number of years and have found both to be men of their word, great integrity, and do their word without bias or prejudice.  The accusations made by the individual appear to come out of spite due to the fact that he was arrested for breaking the law.  I have lived in Harrison for eight years and have never seen one deputy or any other person associated with the Sheriff’s department harass or intimidate the “poor” people in our area.  They work hard to keep the people in our community safe, risking their own lives and safety on a daily basis. Sheriff Wilson and Det. McClellan are both honorable men who should be judged on their actions rather than the rantings of an unreliable individual who appears to have his own agenda.

In response to Mr. Dick Allen’s column about losing his contract with the UAW, I believe that this is only proper due to the way that you regularly write about the unions in your column.  While fighting MMCC, of which you are a Board of Trustee, you often spoke of the teachers unions and how they were soaking up every red cent out of the school budgets and that the Occupy Wall Street movement was full of “queers, gypsies, the unions, and people living in their own urine and feces.”  Mind you, my lawsuit was to prove that MMCC was biased against unions.  I may have lost the case, but your writings were disgusting and showed that, in fact, such a bias does exist.  The American Federation of Teachers, whom I was working with, received copies of your articles every week showing your distaste for the labor movement and was passed onto the UAW as it was deemed that you were probably the last person who should be receiving income from anyone associated with a union.  And one last thing, dear sir – phone calls from the union that represented me before going to trial were also rebuffed.  Folks should be aware that your daughter, Marcy Klaus, is running for Probate Judge.  Lets hope that your distaste for the labor movement and individuals who are less fortunate have not passed on to her.  And while you often write scathing columns on the residents of Clare County and should be setting an example as a “prominent member” of our community, maybe it is time that you are removed from your post at MMCC, as I was for my Facebook post. 


Jason Liptow

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One Response to In defense of Wilson and McClellan

  1. westernskye

    September 7, 2012 at 2:31 am

    Amen! I could not have written a better response! We need to clean house at that college and restore it to the respected institution it used to be and not the uncaring, biased, money and power hungry institute it has turned into. I pray Ms. Klaus has taken no lessons from her father and, if she has, is not elected into such a position!