In response to “Facts, not manufactured facts

November 8, 2013

Dear Tony Parker

from Weidman, Mich.

You must be a complete and utter left wing zealot, who has been highly indoctrinated.
You live in Michigan, The auto manufacturing capital of the world.
Do you know why Jobs left your state? most likely you do not.
Let me explain, since you seem under educated.
High Taxes, High entitlement costs, and This raises the cost of a vehicle.
Union entitlements, add $3500.00 to a price of a vehicle. We the people can’t afford that.
So since people look at cost when purchasing a vehicle, They now purchase Korean and Japanese vehicles.
Less demand for American vehicles caused the auto industry in your state to crash.
High manufacturing costs , because of ultra corrupted labor unions have made your state lose J O B S.
You socialistic want something for nothing democrats have thrashed the state of Michigan.
and now it seems you truly intend to push for more of these losing policy’s.
Also you should know, Democrats voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, Al Gore’s own Father aka Democrats, was completely against giving any rights to minority’s, Sounds like you failed that class.
Voter ID Laws are required to keep all elections “FAIR” I see nothing wrong with having to show an I.D. to vote.
Elections are important, and should be “FRAUD FREE”. Seems democrats require fraud in order to win elections. Or you democrats, wouldn’t be against showing an i.d., I have to show an i.d. when I fly, when I purchase car license plates, To get a credit card, Check in at a doctors office, and many other things.
Why are you democrats so against doing whats right? Seems the only answer would be is You require the fraud.
So the fact’s are, You democrats try to indoctrinate folks into your way of thinking, Then you whine and cry and have a tantrum when it doesn’t work.
Every time you start your Nissan and drive, Remember its those folks like you who have not only ruined the state of Michigan, But included the entire country into your down hill spiral, President Obama and the democrats with their one party forced policy, is causing more harm to our country than anyone else in our history.
President Obama has added $7 Trillion in new debt for the country.
However, Socialistic people like yourself…Will continually deny this.
I feel sorry for non self reliant folks like you.
Good Day

Vince Eaton
Phoenix Arizona

(formerly of Clare)


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