In response to “No Land Barons here”

October 11, 2013

Dear Editor:

Dear “Sharon Adams”

You should have known that with such a large purchase of land and several buildings, That up keep was going to be a huge expenditure, This should have been considered when the deal was being considered.

My Father Dean Eaton was a great man, That farm was his life. he passed about four years ago.

I was home on vacation a few years ago and I took him by the farm, He simply couldn’t believe it was mostly gone.

I am glad that you love that area, I am grateful for growing up in Farwell, I to adore that area, and have some wonderful memories.

I and my Father hunted that entire property, Pheasants, Quail, White Tailed Deer and rabbits.

I wish often that I could return to those days. I miss them.

I am glad you and your family enjoy it now.

I will continue to drive by when I visit Michigan, usually once a year around October.

Sincerely Yours
Vince Eaton
Phoenix AZ

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One Response to In response to “No Land Barons here”

  1. rebfan831 Reply

    October 11, 2013 at 5:59 pm

    Vince, as you know I spent many days on the farm with your family when we were children. I can remember playing on the hay bales in the barn and helping your sister clean the stall for Hazel Grace’s horse. While those were good memories for me, I can only imagine the wealth of treasured memories you hold. I can understand that you’d be upset to see changes to a place that you hold so dear. But, things do change and I for one have always been grateful that the farm ended up in the hands of Sharon and Bill Adams. I shudder to think what a developer would have done to the place!

    Sharon is my cousin and our family’s roots go very deep in this area. Our parents and grandparents had personal friendships with Frank, Lael and Hazel Grace that go back nearly a century. Even though she’s been a widow for many years, Sharon has taken excellent care of the farm. She cherishes the long ago history of it and the more recent memories that she, her children and grandchildren have made there as well.

    Rather than rail against the inevitable change that comes with the years, just be happy that someone who loves the Loch-A-Bar is its caretaker now.

    Jean Frisbey Gaskill

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