In response to Timothy Bailey

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to Mr. Bailey’s letter last week. I am Jerami’s father. It seems like you have given an opinion about something that you have not paid much attention to or know much about. If in fact you have seen and heard the video, you will hear my son initially invite the officer inside his home, so no, my son had nothing to hide. I served this country years ago in the military because I believed in the freedoms that we as Americans have.

 One of our freedoms is to be able to write letters to the newspapers just like you did, but another freedom we have is to be secure in our homes without police officers with no warrants pointing weapons at us and demanding that we come outside of our homes without any explanation, so no, the officer did not “ask” my son to come outside. What I heard and saw in that video belonged in some communist country not in the United States of America. I am not certain what you might have against the attorney who helped my son, but attorneys do study the law and the Constitution, though I am not too sure about this prosecutor. Also, I am not sure what your two drunk drivings have to do with this, but I do hope you are getting the help you need as I am told that if you get a third one, it will be a felony and then you might not be able to vote for anyone whether you like them or not.

 My son had done nothing wrong and he spent almost 60 days in jail because of the “hard working” prosecutor. Well, first of all, when it comes to the prosecutor trying to send my son to PRISON for FIVE YEARS, my son was not charged with any crime that occurred prior to him being forced from his home at the threat of physical injury. Secondly, when my son’s attorney asked the judge to lower my son’s bond so he could come home, the prosecutor LIED and told the judge that my son had a PPO on him and that he was on probation the day the police unlawfully and violently arrested him. We could not believe the lies the prosecutor told. So, NO the prosecutor was NOT doing her job because lying to the judge is NOT her job.

You state that the only people not happy with the prosecutor are those who have been arrested and prosecuted. Well sir, my wife and I are unhappy with her and we were not arrested and prosecuted. We do not “hate” the prosecutor either, we “hate” that something like this could even be possible in this country but unfortunately it is happening all over this country and many Americans want it to stop including me and my family. God bless the United States.

-Michael Young