Inexperienced BOR denies tax reduction request

April 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

This letter is in reference to the Tax Review Boards that are held every year after receiving your property tax assessment. On March 12, 2013,

I attended one of these for Grant Township on the second day of the reviews and I was only the 22nd person to show up.

The Board of Review consists of inexperienced individuals, without even an assessor present. I protested three properties, and all the review board members would say was well you know this is GrantTownship, and denied all of them based on “insufficient documentation”. The two parcels (015-018-101-05 & 06) are currently listed together for $39,900, while the SEVs respectively are $19,086.00 and $23,521.00, actual cash value $85,000, and I haven’t had an offer at $39,900.

At Surrey Township, I was only the 12th person to protest, and once again the review board is inexperienced as far as property values. Parcel 014-075-016-00, SEV of $40,842 (1996 double wide mobile home) which would mean a cash value of $81,000.00. I only paid $48,500 and could only been worth $70,000 when it was new, there is no way I could sell it for anywhere near the assessed value.

I did speak with the Surrey Township assessor, but he could not explain how they come up with these figures. These assessors are not even from this area, so how can they know what the value of property is in these townships?

I, have over fifty parcels in Surrey Township, twenty in Grant, and twenty-six in Garfield Township along with properties in both the City of Evart, and the City of Clare so I have a pretty good idea as far as property values go.

Some of these assessments are way off base, and going to the Review Board seems to be just a complete waste of time.

If I could sell property for what they have them assessed my profits would be considerably higher.

Edwin L. McNeilly

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