Intolerance just one more step to Judgement Day

April 3, 2014

Hi, Mr. Wilcox,

In my 60-plus years, this is my first letter to the editor. I couldn’t care less about seeing my name in print, I just wanted to put in my two cents. If you throw this letter in the wastebasket after you read it, I’m absolutely good with that, too.

In response to Dr. Augenstein’s column and Mr. Richard Bancroft’s letter (“U.S. being destroyed from within.”)

Gentlemen, you mention God and the Creator in your comments. From that, I take it that you follow some form of Christianity, so from that perspective please consider the following:

Before God returns on Judgment Day, things have to deteriorate to a certain level. Could the homosexuals just be “doing their job” to help bring that situation to existence?

Not everyone will be saved, so be cheered by the fact that the homosexuals won’t be. But “no man knows the day or the hour”. If he came back five minutes from now, might you be harming your own chances of salvation with your intolerance? It never hurts to brush up on the Bible and refresh your memory on what Jesus was really talking about.

All religion aside, all throughout human history, whenever members of a society stopped cooperating for the common good, that society went down the toilet. Ask the Romans. Ask the Hittites. It’s human nature. And now it’s our turn, and I don’t blame you for being upset about it. The Hittite Empire existed for only about 150 years; at least we lasted longer than somebody.

Chris Cavell,

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