Is MDNR stuffing the ballot box on antler issue?

February 6, 2014

 Friends & Deer Hunters,

I just got a call from my cousin, Ret, USAF Msgt Gary D. Moore in Wash state, tonite. He received from the MDNR a “third” MAPR proposal to vote on, in todays mail.

The first original one, I have in my possession, the second one , Gary voted no on the MAPR proposal and mailed back to the MDNR, now he has received a third one! Is this just the MDNR having a faulty computer system, or are they stuffing the ballot box in an illegal effort to push thru this flawed MAPR proposal no matter the cost to the deer hunters of Michigan. I can think of no reason to keep sending Gary multiple “deer hunter opinion surveys” other than ulterior motives. One of you out there reading this, may be able to explain this to me, but this may be the smoking gun! I will be sending this email, including copies of all three MAPR ballot proposals to my Mich State Rep Bruce Rendon to get to the bottom of this fiasco.

The continued policy by the MDNR to push thru the proposed “antler point restrictions” agenda by wealthy private land owners, no matter the opinions or cost to the average Michigan deer hunter is just appalling.

Tom Harmon
St. Helen, Mich

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One Response to Is MDNR stuffing the ballot box on antler issue?

  1. justin Reply

    March 25, 2014 at 5:47 am

    I am a lifelong bowhunter in oceana county mich.
    I for that time but never see more than one or two eight points per yearhave never killed a buck older than 2 1/2 in my county. I bowhunt every chance I get which is about 200 hours per year which is more than most because I am single with no kids, work within a quarter mile of where I hunt and hunt every chance I get. I would love to see antler point restrictions in my area just to see what happens after a few years. I have been practicing QDM on my own for about seven years and only shoot a buck with four points on a side but never see more than one or two eight points per bow season. Its tough to wait knowing most of the neighboring props shoot any buck they see, but I have high hopes for the future, we have the genetics but not the regulations in place. I believe after a couple years everyone could see an eight point and be happy to wait knowing there is more than one or two good bucks in the area. I am close to hunting elsewhere where the opportunities are better for a good buck if you put your time in.I am a meat hunter just as much as antlers, but our buck to doe ratio is as bad as 10 does to one buck…what can we do?

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