It’s the neighborly thing to do

February 1, 2018

Dear Editor:

“It’s the neighborly thing to do,” is what a lady said to me when I asked her why she got a wind lease.

Over half a BILLION DOLLARS is also a nice neighborly thing to do. That is what the Apex people are bringing to your neighborhood with the Isabella Wind Project. Imagine all the donuts someone could sell, tractors, cars, lots of groceries to share with the food bank, an extra check to the soup kitchens, an extra few dollars into the tithe bucket…it’s all so neighborly. Farmers can use their money to help their families with weddings, college, or a nice trip…it’s all so neighborly. All the jobs that will happen with the Isabella Wind Project, newly trained and already able, all that sand and gravel people can deliver, and on, and on…all so neighborly. Townships and the county can fix sewers, roads, bridges, and parks. Schools can buy pencils or computers…so neighborly.

If you want to be a good neighbor, stop by the Isabella Wind office at 4040 James Street, Rosebush, 810-394-0148, behind the library, to find out if you are in the footprint and learn how to do a lease for your land, regardless of the size.

Be a good neighbor, please.
Gareth (not Gav) d’Haillecourt

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