John Wilson, not the right guy

Dear Editor,

The Russians have had to suffer liberal leftist, socialism, for seventy years. Poor and impoverished, the Russians know liberal leftist socialism, does not work, in their nation nor, will it work in the nation, in any state. Particularly, in Clare County Michigan.

There is no place, for John Wilson, a liberal leftist, socialist democrat. Whom with his deputies of The Clare County Sheriff’s Department only targets local Harrison Clare County area financially lacking people. Giving them expensive tickets to pay for. Allowing, the rich people, from out of the county to come and go without harassing them, as he does the local people.

A Vain haughty arrogant materialistic thief, by way of the law, of ever self cursing damning self pride. Favoring the rich people punishing the local citizens. While calling himself a democrat. Wilson a shame brought upon all citizens of Clare county Michigan.

I have been told by a trusted neighbor Mr. Mark McClellan either a Republican or a Democrat , I do not know. Will not favor remain unbiased neither favoring the local Clare County citizens nor the people who live outside of Clare County Michigan.

I may have been misinformed about Mr. Mark McClellan. Speaking for myself I will not be Hoodwinked by any individual.

This is what I do know is a simple fact and truth. Mr Rick Miller is a republican. All Republicans know what is tried and true works. What are lies deception and favoritism does not, nor ever will.

Speaking for myself I am voting for Mr. Richard Miller a Republican of this Nation a consitutional Republic, the United States of America that is not a Liberal Leftist socialist democracy nor was it ever meant to be nor ever will be with my vote Hopefully yours also,whomever.

P.S Just found out reading your paper Mr. Mark McClellan won the primary election to run against Wilson. I will vote for Mr. Mark McClellen. Dump Wilson Clare County residents voters. Let us have some integrity some humility some peace of mind. Someone unbiased.

That is why I am voting for Mr. Mark McClellen


Mr. Richard Bancroft

From Harrison Mi