Kudos to the Freshmen

October 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

I recently had the pleasure of being one of the parent advisors for the freshman homecoming float. I would like to acknowledge what an exceptional group of kids are in this class. I saw 90% of the kids working 100% of the time (when they weren’t working they were taking a snack break or waiting to relieve another worker). They were focused, hardworking, and very well behaved.

I was most impressed when a song with questionable lyrics came on the radio and a number of kids immediately asked for the song to be changed because they didn’t want to hear it. What integrity! I am excited to see these kids, most of whom I’ve known for years, come into their own. They truly are an amazing class.

I also want to thank the school for its decision to return to the tradition of exhibiting all the class floats at the football field during the game. Everyone, not just those able to attend the mid-day parade, can now appreciate all of the student’s hard work.

Donna Longton

P.S. Congratulations, freshman, on winning the float competition! I knew you could do it!

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