Labor Unions shoujld quit crying and start thinking

December 24, 2012


Dear Editor

It’s time for the Labor Unions to quit crying and start thinking. I’ve read the newly passed PA 348 of 2012 (Right to Work law) and unless some other State or Federal law prohibits it any Union could negotiate to restrict their contract to their members only. Non-members could individually or collectively negotiate with the employer for themselves. This is the same position they would be in if they worked in a non-union shop. Granted they could probably negotiate the same or similar wages and benefits as the union, but labor contracts contain much more than wages and benefits, ie: grievance procedures, insurance, strike funds, etc, that require enforcement by union personnel. If those items have value then joining the union would make sense. Many Unions in the past have convinced non-unionized employees of the value of a Union , they could do it again.

William Scott

Lake , MI 48632

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