Lauds Phelps’ commitment to county

February 9, 2018

Dear Editor:

I’ve been reading the letters and articles in the last couple of issues attacking Lori Ware Phelps for the closing of the Lake Senior Center.  I’m not writing to voice an opinion about the decision, since I have no knowledge about that situation.  However, I do attend County Commission meetings on a regular basis, volunteer for Meals on Wheels and have worked with Ms. Phelps a number of times, so I do have knowledge about her commitment to Clare County.  I’ve seen her go to bat for seniors numerous times at Commission meetings and other functions I’ve attended.  People can disagree with her recommendations, but never doubt her passion for helping seniors in this community.

Please also keep in mind that Senior Services has limited dollars to spend and a small staff.  They must be fiscally responsible while making decision that benefit the seniors in the 16 county townships (very few of which have ever had a meal site).  In addition, they must meet the requests of seniors throughout the county, many of whom have health, transportation and/or financial issues, while ensuring the work they do meets local, state and federal rules and guidelines.

I can’t imagine dealing with the headaches involved in heading up Senior Services.  One has to love the job and the people one serves.  Well, most of them anyway.

Marty Johnson

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