Leave the Amish alone!

Dear Editor,

Someone please tell Joel Johnson to leave the Amish people alone, they do no harm to the Republican “tax the poor caucus” maybe we should tax their homemade clothing and send that to China because we pay China for all of our clothing.

Now these guys are selling our meat industry to China. What happened to the domino theory they drafted to use in the 60’s to stop. Maybe Joel should tax the soup kitchens; that seems to be a growing industry in Michigan, which by the way is rapidly going deeper in tank and all he’s worried about is horse sxxt.

I think old George Washington is rolling in his grave for what these politicians are doing to the TREASON George tried to warn us about.

I wonder how much sooner the American Revolution would have got under way, if the English would have made George buy tags for his horse.

Jerry Leppek

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