Legislature a mess? That’s putting it too mild

June 26, 2014

Dear Editor,

Mike, I could not agree with you more. Bureaucracy at the federal state and local level is worse than a “mess”. That word usage is too mild to explain the facts my friend. What I have learned over thirty years, much moreover found out about and finding out is much better than learning about any person, place or thing is that what is tried and true works from a long time ago.

Back when our nation was founded the U.S.A. is a republic, not a democracy. The democrats invent the problems. Then try to fix them, taking credit however they can for solving the problems they invent, though never can accomplish it. Needing more money to do it and it is all such a waste of time and effort.

It is  cyclical, every four to eight years. Liberalism then conservatism. When the republicans are elected back into office, then things will be made right again, same old merry-go-round.

Mr. Obama says, “I must remain unbiased non-partisan though there is the time where I must draw the line.” Yes it is simply common sense.

Mr. Richard Bancroft

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