Letter to the Editor- Isaac letters compelling

March 29, 2013

Dear Editor,

The letters to the editor from Angela and Eric Isaac were not only informative but very compelling. Hope the letters challenge many x many to dig into what has been transpiring. Hopefully the 3 of you will do a comprehensive “filibuster” in your paper, read soon, covering all areas that affect all of us.

Common Horse Sense people generally check into  all facts available – before coming to a conclusion, on any topic.

Some people will find not where the majority stands and go with that majority. Some will believe everything they hear. Some will question everything and everyone. Some will try to direct everyones actions as well as their thoughts. Some will do everything they are told to do. Some won’t do anything they are told to do. Some think for themselves.

Remembering these listed attributes – engage them in the following example.

We keep hearing that “we” have to get those guns under control. Lets examine, I say Hog Wash!

Does a gun have a brain? Does that gun have a trigger finger and pull that trigger? Hmm Leaves me wondering about the contrast between reality of yesterday and decades prior compared to recently.

I had 3 sons whom hunted with a rifle and a bow. Plenty of venison plus my husband got his share also. Low and behold my sons shared the meat with their grandparents as well as with senior citizens with low incomes and did so “voluntarily”. (Their idea!)

Upon riding a horse to school through the woods while carrying a rifle – my mother received gratitude and respect from the students and their parents along with the teacher whom cooked for hot lunch what my mother shot. Ohhhh.

Hope you now understand the contrast of action – which is reflection of our “attitude,” whether for good or evil.

These mass shootings do not show courage – the ones doing the shootings obviously do go after those whom are vulnerable as well as in areas where they can’t protect themselves (the victims that is).

The stage of surprise or not being informed about what is about to happen is purposely a large portion of the shooters thrill or plan and fear. The shooter would never get into a gun fight on equal platform or staging, especially against many others. I doubt if he’d do such even against I.

Ask yourself – If there’s been an example of “disrespect for life” on a major stage! Of course there has been and is still going down. And the ones chanting against the guns are the same bunch whom chant for the right to participate in Abouticide. Run the parallel – suicide and genocide!

Doris Weakland

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