Letter to the Editor- Pity and contempt for authors of unsigned letters

March 29, 2013


I have equal parts of pity and contempt for those people who submit unsigned Letters to the Editor. Certainly they cannot expect their views to be considered with any hope of credibility.

Who believes that their views are defensible, but still chooses to remain anonymous?

The authors must feel their opinion is embarrassing and they don’t want to be associated with it. I pity them. It is unfortunate that a person would have such a lack of self respect. The ability to have a difference of opinion is one of the things that makes America great. People who are principled in their positions earn respect, even if their views differ from ours. We do not have to agree on every issue – that is not how Democracy works – but we must be able to discuss these ideas rationally.

Unsigned letters prohibit the necessary dialogue.

I have contempt because of their cowardice. Say what you have to say and be proud of it. Stand tall! Don’t hide in the shadows and throw out sucker punches. The truth does not need to be whispered.

I will not waste ink in detailing the absence of journalistic integrity that allows unsigned letters to appear in your publication.

Sincerely yours,
Tom Kunse

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One Response to Letter to the Editor- Pity and contempt for authors of unsigned letters

  1. taxpayers Reply

    March 31, 2013 at 10:17 pm

    Make no mistake it is your feelings of contempt and pity. Bring safety and cost concerns to any fundraising board or public shouldn’t be pitied or viewed with contempt. We wrote our concerns to a paper to reach the public with our legitimate concerns and will always bring safety concerns forward in one way or another. We will not be bullied. Any Concerns, however the means brought forward should be considered. In fact all concerns and comments should be posted as long as they are not vulgar. Censoring opposing views is not fair or balanced.

    If you want to divulge your name to the public that is your choice and is fine but not all do and should not cancels out our concerns?

    Let’s keep this to a factual debate.

    There will be a public discussion when the DEQ has to notify the public that a part of the local Wetlands are being destroyed. Which brings us to our next question? Have you applied for the proper permits through the DEQ? You can verify this @ http://www.deq.state.mi.us/ciwpis/ciwpisqry.asp
    We are not seeing that you have applied?

    The Brookwood Complex Football Field is located less than 350 ft from the Tittabawassee River (South Branch Tobacco River) a protected wetland area. You may verify this @ http://www.mcgi.state.mi.us/wetlands/

    Our Concerns need to be addressed

    We believe you should have applied for a permit from the DEQ to see if they will allow artificial turf in a protected wetland? Artificial Turf requires the removal of earth and in this case wetlands and replaces it with contaminated toxic materials that will have to be disposed of and replaced every 10 years and FOREVER MORE. There will be test wells as potential leaching into the ground water, aqua furs and protected wetlands.


    The potential MERSA virus, increased injuries and fatigue, replacing turf where it can be grown along with the potential contamination of ground water are facts that must not be ignored.

    In conclusion an artificial field will also require maintenance. Your board stated there is no budget money and does not appear to be any in the future. This artificial turf will require NEW ADDITIONAL SPECIALIZED EQUIPTMENT. $$ How much will test wells cost? $$ Have you checked to the additional costs for policies, up grade warranty and vandalism issues and costs? $$

    Again, not at the children’s, taxpayer’s and wetland’s expense

    Signing for,

    The children, taxpayers and wetlands

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