Letters to the Editor- In response to Mrs. Warren’s letter:

Dear Editor:
I am Summer Clark’s mother, Kim. Funny how people come out of the woodwork and make judgements when they do not even know the facts. Just because you are a “retired licensed counselor” does not mean anything.

Summer made the library what it is today, she should be given the credit for that. She is a wonderful person, honest to a fault, and fun. She was the one who made the library a place the kids wanted to hang out so much so they had to put an age limit without parents sign up. The patrons loved Summer as I do. So seeing what you said about her without even knowing her was wrong.

Summer’s point in all this was the way the library is being managed. All employee’s should be treated equal, such as leaving without clocking out, coming and going as they please, taking as many cigarette breaks as they see fit, bringing their kids/grand-kids to work as long as they see fit then taking said kid/grand-kid to sitter/school taking an hour to do so.
But all of a sudden Summer had to clock in and out and when she had no other choice she brought her baby in, thinking its OK since other did it. Being as smart as you implied in your letter you must know where I am going here. That’s all Summer wanted and Ms. Gaskill wonders why she wants to leave. Also hiring her friend when there was not a job opening at a higher rate of pay why? Because she has contacts? So, are we forgetting this is Farwell? what contacts do you need?

Now for what I think about the salary of Ms. Gaskill $46,000 really!! Mt. Pleasant’s library Director position was open starting at $60,000 that big library. No wonder the library hardly has any books or movies, someone needs to buy more books and magazine. The magazine section is pitiful. Go to the Harrison library see how big there’s is. Farwell needs an actual magazine rack/shelves.

I visit many libraries across this country and our library needs help in the buying department, I know if that was part of Summer’s job she would have filled that library up. I know maybe one of the board members should run the library for free so we can get some books in there. I may not be as smart as you Mrs. Warren but I think the library should actually have reading material in there so you won’t have to always use Mel-Cat. Our computers there are horribly slow and frustrating. Maybe Ms. Gaskill should have gotten less of them but better computers. I go in there and many times only a few people are using them. So Mrs. Warren how’s that for “sour grapes”?

Your Truly,
Kim Clark
Dissatisfied Surrey Township Public Library Patron

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