Listening Ear lauds kindness

July 26, 2013

Dear Editor,

Crisis Center Inc., dba Listening Ear would like to recognize several community agencies and members for their kindness and generosity to one of our group homes in the Harrison area. A fire occurred in their home on July 1, 2013 and we could not have asked for better support through our community to help them through this traumatic event.

The Harrison and Clare Fire Departments did a great job in extinguishing the fire that occurred in the bathroom. Their swift response in answering our call held the damage to a minimum. The firefighters also kept fire and water damage to the lowest amount possible. We were particularly impressed with the fireman’s regard for and care of individual’s personal property during their duties in extinguishing the fire and for the clean-up of insulation in the house that they completed before leaving the scene.

We also would like to recognize the owner and manager of the Budd Lake Motel. Due to this fire, they had nowhere to reside for about a week while their home underwent some renovations. The motel staff promptly found rooms for everyone and rearranged things so that they could stay during the busy Holiday weekend. They did so with kindness and the utmost respect for individuals. And last, a big thanks to Mrs. Judy Nelson, our neighbor, who promptly brought blankets to individuals and offered comfort, support and reassurance to everyone.


Michele Chapman,
Director of Residential Services

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