Make way for turtles!

Dear Editor,

I live in the area of Old State and Mannsiding. My concerns are the fact that some people out here drive too fast. This is the country, humans are not the only creature that lives here. You never know when an animal of some species will run out in front of you. I can see how a deer can get hit, they will run right in front of a car, but I do not understand how someone can run over a turtle. Many were hurt or killed on Mannsiding last year. So to start the season this year, last Thursday around 2:30 I was on Old State close to White Birch and what did I see, yep a turtle. I figured he had to be close to 10 years old by his size. He was in the middle of the road so I wanted to help him get to the other side. I’m sorry to say that a car coming too fast and not paying attention, ran over him and almost hit me. I removed him from the road not in the condition that I had intended. His life had ended and I drove home in tears. Please people, slow down, get off the phone, and pay attention when you are behind the wheel, it could save a life. I also wanted to say “Thank You” again to the truck driver that saw what happened and was caring enough to stop and help me.

Darlene Barrett

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