Marijuana prohibition waste of resources

October 7, 2011

Dear Editor:

I implore this newspaper to next time think twice before giving a provincial rube like this space in your publication to air such ill-informed and dangerously unsophisticated opinions.

Mr Allen’s contempt for people who use cannibis (medicinal or otherwise) is evident as he refers to them as “dopers” and “stoners.” The vast majority of marijauna-users that I know use it three to four times a month in the privacy of their own homes in the absence of children. Mr Allen’s claim that the pharmaceutical companies have products that supplant the benefits of cannibis is absurd. Ask anyone who has suffered cancer treatments for any length of time. By the way, many of these patients consume cannibis in the form of THC-enriched cookies, cakes and tea as they are too ill to inhale smoke. My sister, who’s currently fighting leukemia, swears the benefits of cannibis cannot be mimicked. Before her diagnosis she’d never even seen marijuana.

I was once a Memphis police officer. Prior to that I worked as an investigator for a local lawfirm. Believe me when I tell you that most of us in the law enforcement community think that marijuana prohibition is a waste of public resources and an obscene invasion of our civil liberties.

George Leighton Jr.

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