Memories of my little house

Dear Editor,

The memories of my old house my husband built for me 50 years ago. The county wants me to tear it down, I told them no. My children all grew up here one by one. Now they want me to tear my memories down. When I first came here in 1963, I saw a one room home it was so cute and small at the edge of a 40 acre farm. He said do you want it or shall we look around, he said it’s been in my family way before I was born.

He said this little house was built in 1945, all of these years it has survived, it’s been in my family many years. It went through a lot of heart break and tears. I said we will take it , we’ll move right in. He had to go back to the army again to serve the rest of his time, which seemed so long me and my little house went on.

My mom would come over to teach me how to bake, a lot of her time it would take. My husband got cancer in 1998 he passed away. My son at 41 passed away in a car wreck in 2006. Now I have 4 children left. My husband worked all his life to build us a home. Now they want me to tear my big house down. I feel so sorry for people who work for the law, they have no feelings, for a family at all.

I’ve never been in trouble or broken the law. I have been in jail for nothing at all. People from the city moved here a few years ago. They didn’t like my home, I have to move and leave my little house alone. They had a double wide just down the road, he has since passed away, leaving his fancy home to rot alone.

It doesn’t really pay to run down a friend who helped in every way and done everything for him. God was watching he lost in the end. I’m going to fix her roof and make her new again. My little house to big will be beautiful again.

Sharon Rodgers


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