More taxes?

November 22, 2013

Dear Editor:
Did you receive this notice today? NOTE the last paragraph that states: NOW THEREFORE,  all persons owning lands LIABLE TO AN ASSESSMENT FOR BENEFIT…

Meaning even though we have been paying our taxes to our counties to maintain our roads and ditches well, they haven’t, now apparently want to start and are planning on raising your taxes.  More taxes to do something they should have been doing all along.

Who requested this? Where are the details? When is this over due maintenance project planned for?

How much of an assessment increase are we talking and for how many years will this affect us?

We understand the benefits of a ditch that drains but why additional assessments? The drain commission is a part of the county system and we pay and have been paying our taxes to our county.

Please join me in this meeting on November 22nd 2013 at the Clare County Building in Harrison
Why Clare County?  We reside in Isabella County.

Does that mean Clare County determines Isabella County assessments?

Why are they just choosing Vernon Township and the City of Clare?

Is it because we brought their lack of properly maintaining our ditches to light?  Neglect to the point they had to blast our ditches with hundred of gallons of pesticide, killing everything in its path, just to catch up. While a less invasive machine to cut the brush back is broken down, setting behind their shop.

Reporting neglect, is something that should be done.  As wrong doing now, has been admitted by both chairpersons of the Isabella County Road Commission and the Isabella County Board of Commissioners.

Spread the word and Tell your neighbors, it will affect them…

Thank you,

Donna Browne
Vernon Township
Isabella County
Be in the know  –  I am.

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