Most in Hamilton don’t want gas plant

October 4, 2013

Dear Editor,

The majority of people in Hamilton Township do not want the proposed gas processing facility on Stockwell Road. The clean air, breezes fragrant with lilac blossoms in the spring, white snow, drinkable water, quiet walks, peaceful days, and star-filled skies we now experience are at risk.

If we say and do nothing, will our children and grandchildren question our lack of concern 20 years hence?

This gas company was asked why they had chosen Hamilton Township for their facility. Their answer was that we had such clean air quality now that the company would not be obligated to put in place as extensive air cleaning equipment. Also, infrastructure already in place could be used to transport the gas products. These are not comforting answers in my opinion.

Bill Beemer brought to their attention the age of this infrastructure and the feasibility of leaks, etc. This could be addressed as problems occurred was their response! What? Are Hamilton Township residents thought of as ignorant fools?! Put pressurized gas into antiquated pipes and repair as they leak?! This should be unacceptable. Why did they really choose our community? Was it because of our poverty and potential lack of funds to oppose and fight this? Do they think we lack concern and intelligence? They admitted there would be virtually no economic benefit to the people of Hamilton Township.

We, the people, are already counting the cost. “For Sale” signs are going up or being discussed. Our home and property values will disintegrate – who will want to move into “Gas City”? New residents already have regrets.

This is a farming and tourist area. Will people still want to visit our lakes, streams, golf courses, campgrounds, and hunting clubs with the noise and odors that would travel through polluted air? Will the cows and fields still produce? Will there be clean water for irrigation and home use? Would our roads be weary of heavy equipment traffic? And what about the safety of walkers, bicyclists, Amish buggies, horseback riders, and ORV’s? “We the people” need to start asking questions and demanding trustworthy answers. Please, write or call your township supervisor and staff, state senators and representatives. And, make no mistake, this is just not a concern for Hamilton Township. The winds don’t stop blowing here, the above ground and below ground waters do not cease flowing here. Contamination knows no borders, Franklin Township and Gladwin County (and other bordering neighbors!)

Many have signed leases and expect big returns on fracking and drilling. But this is different. Gas would be brought in from all over (including Canada), cleaned up using our valuable water, and leaving behind contaminated water, chemicals to dispose of and store. Is this what we want?

Remember the “law of unintended consequences”. Please. Get informed. Research, ask questions, and get involved. Attend your township’s regular monthly meetings – the best way to know what is going on in your community.

Sincerely concerned,
Barbara Lambdin

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