Mostetler no place for a gravel pit’

May 2, 2019

Dear Editor,

Too often the residents of Clare County are used and abused. Whether gas plants, fracking, garbage dumps or gravel/sand pits, these ‘needful’ things seem to be placed in absurdly questionable locations.

The residents of Mostetler Road have every right to be distressed concerning the attempt to place a gravel/sand pit amidst their tranquility. I recently attended two Hayes Township hearings on the subject. The comradery of the neighborhood was impressive as well as how well they investigate the ramifications of a sand/gravel pit on their road.

At one point during the meeting, a woman came forward accusing these residents of being selfish and non-progressive — and then quickly vacated the room. I could not help but wonder if she was hired by Fisher to drop in with unkind and thoughtless comments!

One by one, both meetings, residents came forward with valid and convincing reasons to squelch this proposed project. One such reason was the inevitable effects on Mostetler Road. As a resident of Cranberry Lake Road, I can attest to the demise of a road from heavy truck traffic. This spring Webber and McDill logging trucks devastated our dirt road. The repetitive daily trips of these logging train trucks produced two foot muddy ruts when wet and then progressed to deep ruts and the road dried out. The situation was such that I had to take a longer route to and from my home. I called the road commission at the onset of the situation and they responded quickly to repair the road (four or five areas within a half mile).

But the logging project persisted and thus the damage repeated! And surprisingly I found that the ‘frost laws’ don’t apply to dirt roads (that needs changed)!

As the road’s condition persistently plummeted, so did the road commission’s response. Understandably, they probably had other truck-damaged roads to repair besides mine.

I say all this to show agreeance with the residents of Mostetler Lake Road. If this project should proceed, first there would be the logging train trucks, followed by years of numerous gravel train trucks that would traverse daily. Dirt roads just cannot stand up to this abuse. As problematic as the destruction of Mostetler Road would be, this is just a fraction of the reasons careful thought and action should be given to this proposed project.

Unfortunately, because of our small-town atmosphere, this project could ‘pit’ (play on words!) neighbor against neighbor and business against business.

In finality, this is just not a concern for those living on Mostetler Road, but for all of Clare County. This must be decided in a manner that would benefit a way of life we would be proud to leave with children and grandchildren. My condolences to the board for this task at hand!

Barbara Lambdin

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