Neighbors junk a blight on my street

June 6, 2014

Dear Editor,

Do you live in the Village of Farwell, on a nice street, well kept up? Well I live in Farwell and this is what I look at every time I turn onto my street, and the closer I get to my driveway (which is my driveway and my neighbors adjoining driveway) the worse it gets. My neighbor has a shed that is filled with junk, inside and out at the end of their driveway which adjoins my property.

I called the Zoning Administrator Ordinance Enforcement Officer, Rod Williams on May 13, 2014 to complain about the junk, as I am trying to sell my property and my Realtor informed me that this neighbors junk is bringing the value of my property down by approximately Five Thousand Dollars. Mr. Williams informed me that there was a “Village Ordinance” against this and he would take care of it, Okay great!

On the 19th of May I called Mr. Williams and he informed me that he had sent my neighbors a letter informing them that the junk had to be removed within ten days. Again, okay great!

After nothing being done by the 27th of May, I called Mr. Williams and left a message for him to call me as to why nothing has been done, without any response to date. Okay, not so great.

On the 30th I called Tracy Lee at the Village Hall and explained the situation and she said, “She would call Mr. Williams and find out what was going on.” Tracy called me back and informed me that Mr. Williams would call me back that afternoon. I then asked Tracy when the next monthly Farwell Council Meeting would be and she told me that it would be June 2nd. I informed her that if I didn’t hear from Mr. Williams that day I would be going to the meeting. I did not hear from Mr. Williams and haven’t to date.

Well I just came home from the Council meeting. After I informed them as to what has been going on (all of the above), and showed them the pictures of the junk, and asked them how they would like living next to this neighbor, they all said “NO”, NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE THAT WAY.” After that , one of the council members spoke up and said there was nothing they could do at this time, since the “Village Ordinance” DOES NOT cover that kind of junk.

6-6-14 Junk - goes with letter to the editorWELL, WHAT KIND OF JUNK DOES IT COVER? So, therefore I have to live with the junk next door, lose money on my property, (if I can even get someone that is willing to buy it under these conditions), while the neighbors are thumbing their nose at me and the Village and think it is a real joke. Just like when my son was putting a small privacy fence up for me, so I didn’t have to look out my front window and see all the junk. The neighbor said, “I guess you are tired of looking at my junk” and laughed.

It took the Village three years to get the neighbors to remove a Cadillac and a pick-up truck that sat in their yard without plates or insurance. How many years will it take them to do something about the junk? Because I live on a dead end street, probably never, it’s not in the Village Council member’s or Mr. Williams neighborhood, so they really don’t care, believe me if it was, the Village Ordinance would be changed.

Farwell is a nice little Village and basically a very clean community to live in, but it should be the same for everyone. Don’t let the ones that make your community look bad get by with it. GET THE ORDINANCE CHANGED, you owe it to yourself, your neighbors and your entire community. FIGHT BACK, “KEEP FARWELL CLEAN.”

Sincerely Yours,
Hazel R. Griffin

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