New resident urges..’Shop Local’

May 9, 2019

Dear Editor:

Our family just moved to Clare a year ago.  I have a History here from when I was a child, visiting my Grandfather in Lake.  I have fond memories of small businesses here, such as Clare Hardware, one of the only stores downtown that are left from years ago, as well as a few others. 

The reason for my letter is to encourage our community to shop local whenever possible.  Seeing small businesses close after years of success should shake us all.  I am going to commit to getting my gas here in my own town of Clare, buying as many of my groceries here, at places such as Witbecks and any gifts or clothing that I need, I will purchase at the many quaint shops down town.  I will buy my pool supplies and pet supplies at the grain elevator that has been around for years. Even if it isn’t a lot of money, it’s money going back into my town. 

Sure, big box stores are convenient for getting all that you need in one convenient stop, but I will make the extra effort to get to know my town, what it has to offer and make stops where needed to complete my shopping list.  I will cut back on ordering online, to save on packaging, which is just waste and causes harm to the overall good of the environment..  I will shop for my garden flowers and vegetables at the Amish Greenhouses out in the beautiful countryside, to help support the richness in culture that my Amish neighbors contribute to my community.  I will take my vehicle for repairs at places such as Bob’s Tire, whom I’ve had great experiences with. I will shop second hand clothing at Red Door Thrift Store, which I very much enjoy.

If we all make the smallest efforts to shop locally, it will benefit our town tremendously.  It would be a shame, ten years from now, to see vacant storefronts lining our downtown because big box and online shopping has completely taken over.  It›s already happening, but any effort on our part can help.  So, before you run to Mt. Pleasant to complete your shopping list, take a look at the list and see where you could purchase the items on the list, here, in Clare. Small businesses may charge slightly more per item, but the money you save on gas by staying local and the way in which your money being spent here will benefit in the long run, is surely worth the difference.  Shop local and watch our town flourish.  Every bit of effort counts. 

Rene Pastotnik

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