Non-invasive cures best

February 1, 2018

Dear Editor,

Health care and cancer. To me, I’m a common sense person, to me, non-invasive cancer cures are the best. When you put a needle into a person and freeze the tumor, then use the needle to suck the tumor out of the body. When you use a laser to kill only cancer cells.

While surgery, chemo, radiation, etc. kill cancer cells, they kill good cells too, and also weaken the immune system, and if they leave the body in weakened state where the remaining cancer can spread rapidly.

Doctors wonder why some people won’t even get checked for cancer. If they think they have cancer, they go to a herbologist, give up sugar (some say sugar feeds cancer) take herbs, etc. that boost the immune system to fight the illness and some get well this way.

Dan Aungst
P.S. Moral of the story: There is more than one way to kill stray cancer cells. Some swear by a fruit and veg. juice diet. No medical advice is given or implied by the author.

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