Not a fan of CCSD

August 16, 2013

Dear Editor,

I do ever remember having moved to this Clare County area, from Lansing, November 9th, 1994. I was informed by a gentlemen friend, professional social worker, Mr. Michael E. Blouin.

Those whom of the Clare County Sheriff Department and prosecution department are corrupt, preying upon the less financially blessed, people of Clare County Michigan.

That the citizens of Clare County proposed, the very good idea of replacing the Clare County Sheriff’s Department with a Michigan State Police post. A very good idea then as it is now.

I found out over the years I have been living here and I am certain I am not the only one. The fact still holds true today.
During the reign, so to speak, of Jeffery Goyt as it is now of John Wilson and collaborators, all guilty in conclusion, even now.

From Clare County Sheriff Office personnel, trading cigarettes for oral sex from female Clare County Jail inmates. Before the addition to the jail was built and completed to harboring the murderer of Mr. William Scozzari, being placed as undersheriff of Clare County and the ever illegal cover up by way of the present chief prosecutor.

The attempted murder of Mr. Jerimi Young. All one has to do is read the Clare County Review newspaper. Look up on computer of all the justified reasons of truth as to why. Past and present I do, humbly suggest all Clare County Michigan residents including all of whomever elsewhere. Put some steel in their backbones so to speak. Without fear and intimidation from anyone.

Demand all whom have a badge, have a law degree, within the Clare County Michigan Sheriff’s Department, the prosecutor office be fully charged, prosecutor punished to the fullest extent of the United States of America Law, now.

Richard Bancroft,

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