Now is not the time to be quiet

September 27, 2013

Dear Editor

On Tuesday afternoon, a Freshman Senator named Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor. He said he was going to talk until he couldn’t stand anymore. And he pretty much did. He talked for a little over 20 hours, until Wednesday at noon. The Senator majority leader, Harry Reid, was not too happy. He said it was a “waste of time” and said that it was “bordering on anarchy”.

Have we moved so far away from our founding documents and principles that open discourse about something that fundamentally changes the scope of healthcare in the United States, is now branded as anarchy? We have, as a country, moved so far down the road towards progressivism, we have lost the fire of liberty. Liberty is not being dependent on the State (government) for everything. Our liberty has slowly been eroded away for years by both parties. And part of that erosion has been to get people dependent on the government for basic needs, to ensure the people in power giving the hand outs, don’t get voted out of office. It really is a form of tyranny. There is an effort to convince the masses that what is right is wrong, and what is wrong is right. One way they are achieving this is by attempting to kick God out of pretty much everything, somehow make Christianity out to be the bad guys, and praise and accommodate alternative religions under the guise of tolerance.

Getting people dependent on the system has been by design. It has been achieved through poor economic policies, disproportionate trade policies, high taxes on businesses and expensive over-regulation of businesses. It has become so expensive to run a business that many of them have just closed their doors. This has cost people jobs, many jobs. This has been done slowly over the years, but most recently kicked into high gear. The only place they have felt they have had to turn, is to the government. It has turned into a vicious cycle, less businesses, less jobs, means less people paying into the government to support the people that are coming onto the system because they need help. That is when the borrowing from China started. As any person with commonsense can see, this is not sustainable. We are at a crisis point.

There has been a concerted effort for years to demonize the people who speak out against such things. The mainstream media calls people who speak out, any name they can think of to make people think that they are crazy, racist, uncaring, and the new word apparently now is anarchist. Since when is an attempt at civil discourse, discussion and debate bad? Apparently when it threatens to lift the curtain and expose what is really happening.

We are at a serious tipping point in our country, and now is not the time to sit down and be quiet. Now is the time to make noise, to be heard. Now is the time to take to the streets with signs and exercise our right to free assembly. Now is the time to contact our elected officials and let them know enough is enough. Now is the time to demand that our government adhere to the United States Constitution. It won’t be an easy road, because we are already so far down the wrong path. But bear in mind, our country, our freedoms we have loved and enjoyed, did not come without sacrifice. I fear we may have to make sacrifices again.

Angela Isaac

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