Occupation News and more Reasons Why

November 7, 2011

The support for the occupation is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The word is spreading; more people are beginning to realize that we are at a very critical point in American history and future.

Oakland CA police attacked a peaceful occupation with tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades and more. Before the gas cleared Scott Olson, a marine veteran of two tours In Iraq lay on the ground bleeding, when people ran to his aid police threw a stun grenade in the middle of the grouP1 Before they could carry Scott out of the way, He had been hit in the head with a tear gas canister. He is in serious condition recovering from a concussion. There is a stream of donations going to Scott Olson, Oakland, California. After word about the Olson incident got out, thousands of people came and successfully reclaimed the occupation.

The donations to the Occupy Wall Street cause are flowing in to the point that they needed a financial institution to work with. The assembly chose the Not for Profit Lower East Side Credit union to work with. This is one of the tiny banks that congress mandated Goldman Sachs to create as a condition to receive their 10 billion dollar bail out gift.

When the financial meltdown began Goldman Sachs was an investment bank that was ineligible for government bailout money. Within 24 hours of the crisis Goldman Sachs filed paperwork to become a commercial bank. Then they received a 10 billion dollar gift from us. Now Goldman wants to crush the bank for working with the occupation.


In a move to make it look like they were doing something congress mandated Goldman Sachs create and support a nonprofit credit union to serve poor folks. This was fine with Goldman they didn’t want the riff raff in their fancy banks anyway.

Does this seem outrageous? Well check this out, Goldman Sachs and six other major banks got caught laundering hundreds of billions; yes billions of drug profits for the cartels. They were fined 160 million dollars and no one went to jail. Not in the Goldman Sachs case or any of the others. Hundreds if not thousands of people have had all of their possessions including houses confiscated, been imprisoned for years for selling a couple of pound of marijuana. So much for the war on drugs huh? The bankers know they are above the law.

In 2009 we put 850,000 people in jail for non violent marijuana crimes in this country. That is more than any other crimes. Many of those 850,000 are in for profit commercial prisons. These For Profit prisons create jobs. They have prisoners preparing school lunches and other prepared foods for the US. They even pay the criminals $0.20 an hour.

One such For Profit Prison in Pennsylvania paid 2 judges over 6 million dollars to fill the juvenile boot camp type prison. They got paid by the bed. It worked great until one of the kids committed suicide. It was then discovered that the two judges were giving kids as little as 20 second court hearings and sentencing them to the boot camp for silly stuff. After being found guilty of this the judges are out on bail waiting for appeals. No one at the prison was ever indicted.


There are hundreds of atrocities going on every day in this country. Congress appointed a committee to investigate fraudulent contracts, over charging and theft in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was discovered some 60 billion dollars in fraud. Great news huh? Well almost, the committee sealed the findings for 20 years and we are still doing business with these thieves.

Part of this other 1% knows very well that they can fool most of the people most of the time, and boy are they good at it. When the rich can convince the poor to vote to give them tax breaks. Now that’s a piece of work.

As I sit here thinking of more examples of why we should all be upset an old bumper sticker comes to mind. If you are not outraged you are not paying attention I Then the words Bob Dylan so eloquently wrote come to mind as well. “How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see?”

Not many more I hope.

Power to the Peaceful

Richard Los

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