Occupy is not Marxist

November 18, 2011

Dear Editor:

Marxist?! (Personally, I’m more of a Three Stooges kind of guy.)

Mr. Hampton believes that all of us in the Occupy movement “poop on police cars and neighbors lawns, fornicate in public and think the F-bomb is a form of communication.”. Although I am, as a member of the Occupy movement, fighting to defend his right to speak, I must stand in strong disagreement with what he has written.

Yes, some people curse too often, and it is a shame. Passions run high when people express political frustration, and those who lack the vocabulary to articulate complicated political ideas will commonly stoop to vulgarity. I invite everyone to read The Declaration Of The Occupation Of New York, available at nycga.net. You will find no “F-bomb”s, only a critique of an emerging plutocracy, and a call to action.

There have been no confirmed reports of public fornication. One can only speculate as to what goes on inside a private tent; thus is the nature of privacy. Surely, someone… some tent…  But public fornication it is not. Incidents of rape that have frequently occurred in urban parks no longer go unnoticed since Occupy has created citizen police forces capable of monitoring occupied public space.

I am saddened in being forced to write that indeed, someone has defecated on a police car in New York City. In fact, I saw a photograph of the act in question. The man is obviously frustrated with law enforcement; many others and I wish he had articulated this frustration with words. What he did is not considered free speech, nor should it be. I would question his involvement with the protest. He carried no sign; was he merely a passerby who took advantage of an occupied police force to act out a personal fantasy? Perhaps. All may rest assured; this man is not one of the framers of the complicated political ideology of the Occupy movement.

Yes, in some cities Anarchists have used questionable tactics, and some unacceptable ones, while pursuing their personal goals during the past weeks. They are a small group, but very visible. Guess what; it’s difficult to get Anarchists on board with the group consensus. That’s why they’re Anarchists; most of them don’t even come to the meetings. But, don’t worry. Their numbers are few. General Assemblies across the nation are currently discussing how to deal with those who wish for violence and destruction.

While there are a few Socialists involved with the movement, the vast majority of Occupiers are simply in favor of a form of Capitalism that doesn’t allow for the extreme concentration of wealth. Personally, I think free market Capitalism sounds pretty good; we should give it a try! Right now Washington delegates Socialism for super-rich corporations, and Capitalism for the rest of us: a sort of “state sanctioned” Capitalism.

Those of you who feel this movement does not reflect your ideals, I implore you: Please attend a General Assembly and make your voices heard. We are trying to build Direct Democracy in America. The consensus reached by GA’s can only reflect the opinions of those who participate. In Michigan, there are Occupy camps in Detroit, Lansing, Flint, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and Ann Arbor. There are additional groups meeting in St. Joseph, Sturgis, Jackson, Brighton, Howell, Livonia, Royal Oak, Mt. Clemens, Rochester, Muskegon, Bay City, Mt. Pleasant, Big Rapids, Midland, Houghton Lake, Traverse City, Sault Ste. Marie, and Marquette. That’s the list on meetup.com. It may not be complete. I received an email about a “teach-in” on a farm out by Hersey! This thing is everywhere.

Gainfully employed,
Wes Raymond
Surrey Twp.

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