CCCC Talks about its progress and its problems

November 18, 2011

Dear Editor,

About two years ago a young man from Farwell Casey Long, put an ad in the paper advertising a meeting for people interested in medical marijuana.  A small club was born.  The Clare County Compassion Club.  The goal of the club was to help medical patients get registered with the state and assist them in understanding the law.

As the club grew, so did the experimentation with the medicine.  Members were making candy, cookies, topical oil and oil to be taken orally.

The active ingredient produced by the plant is an oil that is alcohol soluble.  There are a number of methods of extracting this medicine and then storing it in olive oil or alcohol.  The vegetable oil extract can then be used in many different ways.  As a topical oil for muscle pain, arthritis, gout, restless leg syndrome, tooth aches, psoriasis, headaches, infections, back pain and even cancer.  Successful testimonials are reported regularly.  The oil is also put into hard candy, cookies and peanut brittle.  These products are called Medibles.  The oils and the Medibles work great without producing a high.  So people can treat their medical conditions and function “go to work.”

The alcohol extract is boiled down to evaporate the alcohol.  When the process is complete, all that remains is pure concentrated THC and CND, the active ingredients in marijuana.  This concentrate is being used with great success treating many different kinds of cancer.  A movie, Run From the Cure, was made to document this.  Google Rick Simpson oil to learn more.

The club has grown larger and so have the reports of how medical marijuana has changed lives.  From people weaning themselves off dangerous, expensive prescription drugs.  To no longer needing addicting pain and arthritis medication and sleeping pills.  We have a report from a Gulf War Veteran who suffers from PTSD.  He reported that his prescriptions help some, but cause other serious problems.  He has told members of the club that medical marijuana really has worked well in helping him to lead a normal life.  Two patients have Crones disease.  Both agree nothing has ever worked so good or so fast to relieve their discomfort.  As new reports come in regularly the inside joke is, what doesn’t medical marijuana help?

As the medical marijuana law was established, it was understood that Care Givers, people who grow for patients, could be reimbursed for their growing costs.  Such an action would be called a transfer.  Care crop failures and the time it takes a person to get registered can lead to a lengthy wait for medication.  This was one of the reasons the law was written in such a manner.

Many care givers give their patients one free ounce of medicine a month.  They would then transfer any extra medicine to other care givers, patients or to dispensary’s to make up their growing costs.  The program was working well.

The Clare County Compassion Club has held raffles and fund raisers.  The raffle was very successful.  all items were donated.  The club collected money and donated it back to people who needed help.  Money and books have been donated to the library to show appreciation for allowing us to utilize their meeting space.  All was going fine.

meanwhile dispensaries were starting to multiply.  Some were opened by people with good intentions, some were opened by profiteers.  The state attorney general stepped in and as usual, overreacted.  Now, Mr. Schuette says it is illegal to transfer medicine amongst registered card holders.  This has left huge numbers of sick people with no access to their medicine.

Medical marijuana is taking huge bites out of big pharmaceutical profits each month.  The state of Michigan was also saving big money on pharmaceutical drugs.  Why is the Attorney General fighting so hard to kill the medical marijuana program in Michigan?  I wonder if it is affecting his stock dividends?  Could there be a financial interest behind his actions?

Mr. Schuette is clearly ignoring the voice of the 63% of the voters who said medical marijuana must be available to those who have a qualifying medical condition.  The Attorney General has no right to cause people to needlessly suffer for his personal beliefs or interests.

Everyone who has a serious illness and everyone who might be afflicted with one in the future or have a loved one so afflicted.  This will affect you!  Please call, email or write Mr. Schuette and tell him to please stop trying to destroy our medical marijuana law.  The voters of the state have spoken.  The money spent fighting this program would be much better spent on research and development.

The Clare County Compassion club meetings are open to the public.  We welcome all who are interested in the program and would like the opportunity to talk with those being treated for different problems.  The club meets every other Saturday in the lower level of the Pere Marquette District Library.  The next meeting will be November 26th, from 12:00 to 2:00 pm.

Hope to see you there.


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