Officials jaywalking sets bad example

April 19, 2013

Dear Editor:
As a long time resident of Clare I am happy to see that Cops & Doughnuts is doing well. Never was this clearer then when I waited in line with my in-laws during the St. Patrick’s Day Festival. Unfortunately, this increase in business has come with a major cost to the safety of Clare citizens. As I drive through town daily I am shocked and disappointed by the number of jaywalkers emanating from this business.
On Wednesday (04/10/13) the magnitude of this issue came into sharp focus. As I stopped at the light between the Doherty Hotel and Isabella Bank at a little before 8 am a prominent public official jaywalked in front of my vehicle. Later in the day, around 6:40 pm, I was making my way through town once again as a police officer jaywalked from the same establishment.
This is a dangerous and irresponsible example to set.  Pedestrians who fail to use the crosswalk not only are putting themselves at risk, but cause drivers to have to guess at their next maneuver leading to a traffic hazard. The city blocks in Clare are small—please take the time to use a crosswalk. Just a few more steps will help to protect drivers and pedestrians alike, not to mention make those who are indulging in the goods of our illustrious bakery feel just a little less guilt.
A concerned observer

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