Only good things to say about eric

February 9, 2012

This is a letter to say what I know about my nephew Eric Herron.

 I have only good things to say about Eric. We all make mistakes and yes Eric make a big mistake.

 But his life went down hill so fast I was in Harrison in April of 2011 for my sisters funeral who was Eric’s Aunt I live in Oklahoma and my daughter also came in from NC. We were at Eric’s home in April 2011 and he was happy and his family was living with him and were happy also. My sister

Eric’s mother called me a few months after I was there and said that Eric was out of work and that Lena, Eric’s wife left him for some one and took the kids and will not let Eric see them. Adam is Eric’s son but the other kids an loved Eric as if he was there Dad because Eric loved them that way also. Donna Eric’s mother said that Eric was drinking a lot sence Lena left. Then next thing

My sister is calling me crying telling me what happend to Eric. I know this is not Eric he is a good and careing person who lost his way. I am sending this to let you know he needs help not to be put in a presion and forgot about He needs to see that he can stile have a life. I am not saying that he should not pay for what he did but not with the rest of his lift. I trust Eric with everything I have and I know he is a good young man that needs help to get him back on the right track and locking him away for years and years will do nothing but make him worse. Please think about the Eric that was doing good until his wroId fell apart and help him to find his way back.

 Thank You for Your Time

 Linda Slawinski

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