Owners and editors owe us more

May 4, 2018

OK Mike,

You’ve articulated, defined, described a problem. I can’t in good conscience disagree. However, I feel that you and all owners and editors owe us readers far more than just articulating, defining, and describing problems. You guys owe us what you would do or would have done, what should be or needs to be done.

You guys have the ink and paper along with the power to decide what is going to be in your newsprint.
I believe there is away too much criticism and away too little solving in the world. And I am as guilty as you. However, I don’t own a newspaper.

Criticism is easy and it’s free. Bob Clute of Colonville fame once straightened me out with this salty comment: “Ken, opinions are like armpits. Everybody has two and they all smell.”

So Snyder is paid too much for nothing. Run for and get elected and do it right, thereby earning those big bucks. Prove Snyder’s and his governing companions incompetence.

But I assure you that even if you are elected,  Bob Clute’s comment will come home to roost. A whole lot of Michiganders will find fault with you even if their armpit-opinions smell. But they won’t seek high elected office.

If you are serious and a committed leader you should do it anyway.

Ken Feneley

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