Pass immigration reform now!

December 13, 2018

To the Editor:

I was reading the Sonoran News, November 21, 2018, a news paper from Cave Creek, Arizona and in response to the letters to the editor in this paper I am in sympathy with the writers who live in that state who are desperately afraid of the invasion of our country by the hoard of people marching and threatening to get here no matter the odds or the response by our officials or the fighting mad citizens who live on or near our southern border.

I hear in these letters the anguish and frustration that our elected officials in Washington have done nothing to secure our southern border and safety of our country. We who live far from our southern border should be very concerned also, as this invasion contains people who are possible disease carriers, criminals or people looking for free things that their own country cannot or will not provide.

Can these people provide proof of birth, where they were born or proof of proper health inoculations? I don’t think so!

I know political correctness reminds us that this “invasion” is just a group of people looking for a better life.

Our elected officials are afraid to solve the immigration problem because doing so could alienate some faction in our society that could possibly cause them to not get re-elected.

When are we who live in Clare County, the state of Michigan or the United States of America realize that our immigration policy that was in force for 150 years cannot possibly stay in place. We cannot support and protect the whole world.

I know the countries in Central and South America & Africa have desperate conditions regarding health, economic and viable governments but can we solve all these worldly problems?

We can help by writing, phoning or emailing our representatives & senators to pass immigration reform now!

Roger Bogenschuts
A Concerned Michigander

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