Pioneers are leaders!

Dear Editor,

Brookwood 2.0 is a group of local leaders looking to re- create the Brookwood football /track facility, but this time it will be better than ever. The new plan will include hundreds of other children from our community as this will allow multiple football games from 3rd grade through –varsity football. The soccer programs from youth –varsity will also be able to play there games on a regulation soccer field.

I was a 7th grader playing rocket football in 1979 the year the field opened up for the last Varsity game of the season. I still remember switching over to a brand new complex for the start of the 1980 football season- brand new field –track and bleachers. It was the best complex around!!

Brookwood was a true community effort with many of the Clare leaders at that time leading the way. I remember picking rocks, brush etc prior to the field being built, big trucks –tractors etc making it happen.  It was exciting to know we were going to have a new place to play.

The years have passed and I have been fortunate enough to see our football program evolve into one of the best in the state, the soccer program went from non existent when I was a kid to a full blown youth program to a varsity sport now with a great support group.

This past season we moved our youth football from the Midland Area program to the more local Jack Pine program. We realized that there was a real need to bring it home and by doing so doubled our numbers from 35-40  3rd -6th graders to 80 last year. We were actually able to have 4 teams instead of 2, what a great first season we had.

I’m supporting this effort because it is time!! The football field is showing it’s age and with the number of kids between soccer and football an artificial multipurpose field makes the most sense. I hope my two sons who are now in middle and jr high can have the opportunity that I did.  Play on a TOP notch field.

Rick Roe

Clare Youth Football VP

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