——–Pioneers are Leaders——-

To The Clare Community Members and Editor:

As a parent and business owner, I take great pride in our local community and offer my full support for the idea of resurfacing the track and installing an artificially-surfaced field (Field Turf) at the Brookwood Athletic Complex.

I did not grow up in Clare. Rather, you could say I “married into” the Clare family. My wife and both of her brothers are Clare Alumni, and they have wonderful memories of attending Clare Schools and participating in athletics in the community. Brookwood was a relatively new venue back when they were growing up, and it was one of the best high school athletic complexes in the State. At the time, I’m sure the people of Clare had a tremendous amount of pride with the facilities that were available to them and for the youth of our community.

Supporting this venture shows a new commitment and an investment into a new generation of youth in the Clare Community. I believe in committing resources to these kinds of projects. I believe in kids and in motivating them to challenge themselves—not just athletically but in all walks of life.

This project is more than just about resurfacing a track and getting new turf for the football and soccer teams. This project is about recommitting to our youth and re-engaging our community and business leaders. Please consider supporting Brookwood 2.0 and showing our youth that we believe in challenging them to be the best they can be. Together, we can show them that Pioneers are Leaders!


Bryan M. Wieferich, CFP®