Plans underway to establish new ‘Kind Hearts’ center in Clare

Dear Editor,

A small number of people have grouped together in hopes of trying to establish a center in the City of Clare. The new group is called Kind Hearts. They are mothers and caregivers of adult mentally and physically challenged people. I am a mother of a special daughter who is mentally challenged, we have lived in Clare County for 40 years. Over the years it has been really hard for our daughter because she has no social life other than what we can offer her.

The Kind Hearts are trying to come up with a place where people can go for social time with others. Presently, they have outings such as dances (outside of Clare) bowling and movies. But, they need more than that. The group is presently talking about a building in Clare that the adults could use, such as having a soup kitchen, a place where crafts could be made and sold, a place to call their own. I am sure there are many parents who are caregivers in Clare, Farwell, Harrison and surrounding areas that would love to see their adult children have a place to go.

On June 11th, we will be holding a hot dog sale at Witbecks from 10-4 pm, we will be taking contributions. Witbecks is sponsoring the sale, giving us everything that we need, they truly care about others. The Clare VFW has been very gracious in letting us use one of their rooms for the meetings. We will be having another meeting on June 13th at 6 pm, if anyone is interested, please feel free to attend. Our mission is to establish parent and personal support groups that will work with our family and friends with disabilities and add a piece of socialization that may be missing for all.

Marilyn Kuebler

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