Police Brutality

August 30, 2012

Dear Editor,

Concerning police brutality of the Clare County Sheriff’s Department when I, Mr. Richard L. Bancroft, was arrested last May, Two Thousand Twelve, the Twenty Ninth, for a domestic dispute. There were two Clare County sheriff’s deputies at my residence. A short fellow of stature, I am five feet seven inches tall. The deputy around about five feet four inches tall. Not the regulation height, of any law enforcement department, I know of.

When I allowed the two officers, into my home. The short deputy I do not recall his name though it is on record, was very pushy toward me, like he wanted beat me up. I was calm and cooperative with both officers inquiring about the arrest. The other taller officer with the short one was quiet. The short deputy was in hurry, unconcerned, not willing to speak with me calmly about the arrest. I was quickly handcuffed and pulled very forcibly out the front door of my home. By my arm yanked, very hard out of my home. I was not resisting arrest. I asked the taller deputy for my house keys, just inside my front door upon my dresser of the cabin portion of my home. I was denied my keys by both deputies. I said to both deputies, “I need to lock the front door of my home, the back door is locked.” I was denied my house keys by both deputies. The taller deputy lied to me, Mr. Bancroft, pretending to lock, my front door, that has a paddle lock on the outside door of my home that was on top of my dresser, just inside my front door. “See it’s locked,” the taller deputy said to me. Lieing to me. Attempting to fool me, Mr. Bancroft, simply pushing the latch for the paddle lock, against my front door. My stronger inside front door was not locked either, leaveing my entire home unlocked. For any thief to enter in or any deputy to enter in without a warrant, to invade my home, inside deceitfully unlawfully.

I was pulled very hard to the sheriff’s department car. Again not ever resisting arrest, by the shorter deputy whom gripped my left arm, upper right arm with both of his hands, his fingers. My arm was left with deep dark bruises. The jail nurse witnessed when I shower her my upper left arm.

When I was pulled very hard to the sheriff’s deparment car out to the end of my long driveway. The deputy slammed me very hard against the car, I was defenseless. Hands cuffed behind my back. The deputy then kicked with his knee, my left buttock, very hard. I have deep painful muscle bruising that I do not believe will ever heal. It is very painful to this day. In jail, I found it very painful to sit down. I was then forcibly thrown into the backseat of the car. When arriving at the vally port of the jail. Entering into the corridor between the garage and the booking area. Between two locked doors the short deputy slammed me against the wall hard and kneed me again in my right buttock very hard and said, “you’re not going to resist arrest are you?” lieing pretentiously. When the deputy kicked me in the right buttock very hard causing great pain, my blue jeans fell down around my ankles. I was pulled into the booking area naked from the waist down, underwear and blue jeans around my ankles. I noticed the shorter deputy standing beside me, a haughty arrogant demeanor upon his countenance like he did his “good deed” for the day. So proud of himself. The deputys, two of them of the jail helped me, pulling up my underwear and blue jeans, saying to me, “Mr. Bancroft, you know we’re kind here. We will treat you alright.”

I was in great pain, and my buttocks still are to this day deep bruising in both. It is painful to sit and walk at times. I intend to file a lawsuit against the Clare County Sheriffs Department, with the Clare County Prosecutors office, for blatent, unlawful, physical brutality with just cause or reason.

I suggest the two officers involved be terminated, terminated from employment with the citizens of Clare County Michigan, Sheriffs Department. And all  in conclusion with the two unlawful, Clare County Sheriff’s Department Deputys.

Richard Bancroft, Harrison

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