Poor and waiting in the cold for a little help

November 29, 2013

Dear Editor,
I am a concerned citizen from the Harrison area. I am poor and have to collect food from several food banks in the area. My concern is for the well-being and dignity of the others standing in line for the little amount of food that is given. I had the chance to stand in line for the food that was given on the 2nd of November, 2013 and the conditions that day were cold and rainy. The food was given behind the police station in Harrison at the church on the hill. There were older people, people in wheelchairs and people that were there with children.

My question is this; Why do all these people that are obviously poor, most elderly or have children, have to stand outside even in the winter, in the rain, snow, or whatever the conditions are outside, when the places that the food is being given are heated? Why are the people not let inside so that they do not catch colds and they can still keep their dignity even though they are poor? No poor person should have to stand in line for up to 5 hours for a little bit of food and then get sick because of the conditions that they have to stand out in.

Poor people should not have to be treated that way because they are less fortunate than others. Do people really think that we stand out in the weather for the food because we do not need it? If they think that, they are wrong. These people are here because they are on a fixed income and sometimes they even have to choose between eating and having a roof over their head and heat around their bodies. Some of these people are American Veterans. These people defended us in the country’s time of need and this is how they are treated, like criminals.

That is what standing in line for food is like. We get to stand in line for hours and then be shuffled through like cattle and then most of the food is expired, or old. This is a sad situation for this country to be in and there is always someone in need. When the food banks have more than 300 families within the county and surrounding areas, then someone needs to speak out about how the poor and needy families feel about the treatment at the food pantries and food banks. This is not what our country is supposed to stand for. Our country is supposed to be a place that takes care of themselves and the surrounding neighbors. We do well in this area when it comes to other countries. Why do we not score high when it comes to taking care of our neighbors here? We have starving children, elderly, and Veterans in this country and this country’s governments, (all governments) from the smallest Mayor of a town to the President of the United States, do not care about the poor people and what they go through and have to live like for all of them have the Lincolns and Hummers that they drive, not to mention the $500,000 homes that they live in.

Most people in this country just sit back and allow the mistreatment of the elderly, the Veterans, and the poor. What will this town do to help this situation and the mistreatment of your fellow Americans and probably some of your neighbors?

Yours Truly,

Concerned Citizen
of Harrison

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