PPO not enforced

May 29, 2014

Dear Editor:

We have had an ongoing situation with the Clare County Sheriff’s Department related to the PPO’s we have against our neighbors.  What good are the PPO’s if officers will not enforce them.  Over the last 3 years my husband and I have been falsely arrested on numerous occasions but when we need the officers to enforce the law they tell us that there is nothing they can do.

What good is a fence to keep a pit bull in when she can break out of it.  We have complained that the dog is mean and she was going to get out.  Well, May 22, 2014 around 10:00 AM I had my dog out to go potty when he finished I turned to head back in my house only to hear loud growling and leaves crushing.  I spun around to see the pit bull headed straight at me.  Thankfully my dog jumped in between me and the pit bull. The pit bull had my dog around his neck in a flash all I could do was scream for my husband.  The pit bull took off.  Neither myself or my dog were injured.

We called the sheriff’s department only to be told they would have an officer out when they could and for us to stay in our home.  An hour and a half later we called back up to central dispatch to be told they would get here when they could.  Finally an officer arrived.  Does he ask if everyone is OK?  No he tells that they received a call from someone that we are placing our security camera’s on their house.  We moved our camera›s so that if the pit bull came over again it would be taped.  We took the officer over to where the attack took place so that he could tell us that there was nothing he could do.

His words “We didn’t see it so at this time nothing could be done.” We informed officer that if our daughter had been in her play area the pit bull would have attacked her.  He would give the report to the Prosecutor and see what she would do.  One of the owners of the pit bull has physically attacked myself, my husband and tried to run my son over.  Nothing has been done by the prosecutor towards the owner before so why would she do anything about a pit bull attack?

Later the same night I went out to check the yard and make sure everything had been taken care of to hear the female owner of the pit bull screaming she was going to have somebody take care of everyone over there.  We would all be dead.  Again officers were called out.  3 strong the officers entered my property one looking around in my garage we met them at the door.

I explained to one officer what I had heard and he told us your not going to like what I have to say.  At this the officers were told to get off our property.  After 3 years we are receiving no help from the officers.  How hard is it to enforce a PPO that was signed by the Judge?  Apparently it is going to take someone in my family to be seriously injured before law enforcement will enforce the PPO.  Last I knew officers took an oath to serve and protect that includes all citizens not just the ones they see fit.  Being an officer is not an easy job but when only certain individuals are protected how can anyone trust in them?    We now have to take the matter in front of the Judge again so that he can enforce his PPO.  With protection like this who can feel safe on their own property?

The Allens

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