Praising Pat and Facebook for help

Dear Editor:

This makes me so upset, I was not happy with Clare County Sheriff’s Department in the 1st place and I was not going to say anything about it .

Then the story from the Clare County Review came out ! An official at the Clare County Sheriff’s Department said that they were not contacted yet about the 20-year-old missing daughter on Wednesday . WHAT ? I called right before I put my first post on face book on Tuesday February 19 at about 9:30 a.m. and got nowhere.

Then I posted on my face book wall for help due to the go-between with the departments .

Then I made more posts and more calls and still didn’t get any help until Wednesday about noon!

I understand they don’t want to look BAD. But do not make it look like I didn’t care or wasn’t worried for my daughter’s safety before then because of the run-around I got between the departments on the phone February 19.

Until February 20 THANK GOD! when Pat Maurer called me, then the Sheriff’s Department decided it was time to listen.

I want to say thank you to PAT because I truly believe If I didn’t talk to you I would have still got the run-around .

THANK YOU Face Book Because of you I got to post about my missing daughter and Pat saw it. I am very grateful to all my family and friends that helped me get the word out to find her!

Bonnie Baker